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The only thing you’ll have to do
is sit back and enjoy the show!

We don’t shy away from full productions like opening ceremonies or annual celebrations. FX3 can cover your project from conception to on-site installation as well as operating the event itself. We imagine a concept for/with our client and develop it to completion. We will cover all artistic and technical aspects.


Opening Rive Gauche

If you were in Charleroi on March 9th, you couldn’t have missed the opening celebrations of the Rive Gauche Charleroi shopping centre, a night that ended with a stunning show. This production was 100% developed and designed by FX³, including the light, sound, fireworks and special effects. The result was a night to remember and a very pleased customer.

Walibi Belgium

During Halloween, Walibi Belgium delivered a nocturne to its visitors with a spectacle in the middle of the lake, combining sound, light, lasers, flames and pyrotechnics. The timecoded show, realized by us, offered the visitors an unforgettable evening.

10 Year Anniversary L'esplanade

L'esplanade Shopping celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a spectacular show, including dancers, a light show, lasers, and much more. FX3 was in charge of the whole production, ranging from design and production to lighting, sound and lasers. Of course, we were also asked to provide our beloved special effects, including confetti, flames, CO2 and pyro for an unforgettable event! 

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