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The “WOW” effect
that makes the difference!

FX3 is a Belgian company specialized in the creative and safe integration of special effects.
For almost 10 years, FX3's dedicated team has taken on impressive challenges with great success
in Belgium and abroad.


CO2, fire, confetti & streamers,... Adding that WOW effect to your event!

In-house design and construction of decorative & scenic elements.

Design of a decor with the right integrated special effect(s).

Event production from conception to on-site installation as well as operating the event itself.

They trusted FX3

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what People Say

"With FX3, we have developed an effective collaboration over many years that benefits the show and our clients. The FX3 team brings us creative and suitable solutions, whatever the complexity of the project. As Artistic Director, I can rely on their experience and rigour on site, even in some difficult situations."


Laurent van Gorp

Artistic Director

Wabu Production

"FX3 is an audacious, young, dynamic and innovative company.  The most important thing to me as stage manager is the seriousness, the rigour of the implementation as well as the know-how of the team. Add to this an extreme friendliness and you have the ideal partner for all your events! It’s absolutely necessary to take advantage of FX3!"

Luc Meessen

General Manager

Noves group

"Already 3 years that FX3 is offering us what we were missing : collaborative work from the concept to the final touch onsite. They realize our ideas and even more, challenge us to make them better. A team of experts for whom everything is possible. We are eager to work on new projects with them! » 

Sebastien Thiebaut, Koezio

"For the inauguration of the Rive Gauche, I didn’t hesitate for a second to work with FX3. Better still, for me it was either them or nobody. It was a complicated production, with very little room for delay and intense stress. I knew that with FX3, all of this would be taken off my shoulders. It would be managed in a professional way by a team that has the enormous advantage of not communicating their stress to the client. On the contrary, they relieved me of much of the stress and for me, that was invaluable!"

Alexia Tilgenkamp

Experience & Operational Marketing Manager Devimo consult

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1320 Beauvechain - Belgium

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